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Our team is made up of diverse professionals with a wide range of experiences in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Our Team
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About Us

50+1 Strategies LLC is a California-based political consulting and organizing firm. Our central goals are to win elections and advocacy campaigns for our clients and build grassroots organizing capacity in diverse communities.

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Our Services

At 50+1, we specialize in strategic and management political consulting for candidates, causes, and organizations.


At 50+1, we believe that the key to winning is organization – in every facet of a political campaign.

No matter what your campaign needs, 50+1 brings an organizer’s mentality, a thoughtful and professional approach, individualized attention, open and honest communication, and a first-class product. 50+1 Strategies is led by veteran senior staff from President Obama’s campaign.

In 50+1’s first year of operation, we served as the General Consultants and Campaign Managers for six candidates, all of whom were victorious on Election Day. We also ran 19 ballot measures and won 90% of them.

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50+1 Strategies, LLC
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