Who We Are

Our mission is to build strategic, successful campaigns that reflect the communities around them, empower and strengthen leaders, and engage people in a meaningful way.

  • 50+1 Strategies was founded on the idea that meaningful community engagement is a pillar of successful campaigns – whether electoral, advocacy, or legislative – that cannot be sacrificed.
  • At 50+1 Strategies, we know we can create social change at the local, state, and national levels by: electing Democratic candidates; advancing movement-building issues at the ballot box; and supporting organizations, projects, and causes that have a lasting, positive effect on our communities.
  • We are a full-service civic engagement firm that brings heart and hustle to every aspect of our campaigns. Our team’s commitment to hard work and innovation helps us deliver stronger results. 
  • Our unique diversity – in background, in experience, and in perspective – strengthens our ability to support our clients and meet their goals. This diversity is how we make our ideas a reality – it’s how we think big, together.

Our Team