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Airbnb is one of the world’s most exciting and innovative companies and a true leader in the sharing economy. Like many new tech sector companies, Airbnb is pioneering how we relate to each other, and thus navigating the best way to regulate its services.

In 2014, San Francisco was working to become one of the world’s first cities to legalize and regulate home sharing. Airbnb hired 50+1 Strategies in February 2014 to help maximize the voice of Airbnb users in the legislative process. While Airbnb already had a vast and passionate group of supporters, they needed 50+1 Strategies’ leadership to organize and channel their support into action.

We led the effort to organize hundreds of home sharers to speak out on the importance of home sharing in their lives- from paying for their child’s college education to replacing a leaky roof on their home. These home sharers met with elected officials, testified in public hearings, spoke to the media and effectively engaged hundreds more like them.

Despite a successful legislative outcome, Airbnb critics took their issue to the November 2015 ballot with Proposition F. 50+1 Strategies served as the general consultant and oversaw all aspects of the No on Prop F campaign. We managed an $8 million budget and led one of the most comprehensive and aggressive ballot measures campaign San Francisco has ever seen.

We worked with Joe Slade White to develop compelling TV ads, created and distributed over 1.5 million pieces of mail, executed a cutting edge digital plan, directed a successful political strategy and oversaw one of the most robust field programs in the history of San Francisco- knocking on over 300,000 doors across the city.

Proposition F was defeated decisively, losing by 12 points.

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