Planned Parenthood

Women Are Watching

During the 2014 midterm elections, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the political and advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood, launched a large-scale campaign to target six key races that were critical for securing support for reproductive heath. The “Women Are Watching” campaign was focused on turning out woman voters and putting lawmakers and politicians on notice.

50+1 Strategies developed a two-day training for more than 300 new field organizers who were deployed to six targeted races across the country.

The field team training covered all aspects of community organizing and leadership development. The comprehensive curriculum included sections on field organizing, voter targeting, direct voter contact, metric setting, volunteer recruitment, team building, leadership models, organizing tactics, and templates for running great canvasses and hosting successful house parties.

50+1 Strategies created a customized trainee workbook, in-depth trainer materials, and a visual presentation for each training session. As a result, Planned Parenthood went on to win four of the six targeted races their field team operated in.

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